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A rose encircled heart, radiant and aflame with the fire of the Holy Spirit. Hand open, inviting. Gaze serene and knowing. This is Our Lady and her Immaculate Heart. To Jesus, through Mary. What a lovely image to fall asleep beside. Such a lovely reminder to begin and end our day with gratitude and a prayerful heart.

Like all Prayer Pillowcases, this one is designed and printed in the USA using a process that prints the image directly on to the pillowcase resulting in a soft, lasting and machine washable product. The poly/cotton pillowcases fit both standard and queen-sized pillows.

Personalize it! Click "View Additional Images" to see this version.
You may use up to 23 characters/spaces. Use the drop down menu above and choose "Personalized Prayer Pillowcase." Then write the name in the box provided, using up to 23 characters/spaces. Please allow an additional 5 days for your pillowcase to be personalized.
Popular personalization ideas include:
First name only: Natalie
First and middle names: Natalie Angela
Adding the word "pillow" after the name: Natalie's Pillow
Adding the year: Natalie Angela 2012

Immaculate Heart of Mary,
dwelling pure and holy,
cover my soul with your maternal
protection, so that being ever
faithful to the voice of Jesus,
it responds to His love
and obeys His Divine Will.

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