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This classic story has been a favorite of both young and old for nearly a century. First published in 1921, it began as a response to a young child who asked Mother Mary Loyola what she must do to prepare for her First Holy Communion. In this enchanting allegorical tale, Dilecta, a poor maiden, finds favor with the benevolent King of the Golden Kingdom. The king wishes the girl to enter the Golden City and dwell there with him and the Happy Ones, but first she must learn the laws and ways of the kingdom. Little Dilecta, eager to please the king, struggles between choosing the more arduous road to the Golden City and abiding happiness, or the alluring "Broad path" of Malignus, the evil lord, which is filled with fleeting, temporal pleasures. A prince of the court is assigned to the girl to guide and protect her from Malignus, the Triflers, and Self, who tempt her to make poor choices and distance herself from the great king. Finally, through perseverance and invaluable gifts from the king, our young heroine succeeds in living a life worthy of a place in the Golden City.

Now this timeless tale is brought to life through a talented cast of child voice actors, moving music and great sound effects. The King of the Golden City will be a true inspiration for the child preparing to receive First Holy Communion. And, since the story is organized nicely into chapters, it's perfect for commute time, enjoying a chapter at a time each night before bed and for family devotional time too.

2-Disc set. Disc one (60 minutes), Disc 2 (58 minutes).

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